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Interdisciplinary training in Cognitive Sciences for students from different undergraduate courses Read more


Initial training / Executive Education Program / Accessible for resumption of studies /
2 years
Nice Campus Valrose / Nice Campus Valrose



The Master of Cognitive Sciences offers an interdisciplinary training aimed at providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for fundamental or applied research in the field of cognitive sciences. This Master's degree is in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Environment (SITE), Human and Social Sciences (SHS) and Biology, Health, Sport (BSS). The challenge of the training is to train future creative researchers or engineers in cognitive sciences and trained in experimentation, data processing and modelling.

The organization of the training allows students to acquire skills in the following areas: - acquire and master academic knowledge at the state of the art level in different fields of Cognitive Sciences - work in a team in a research laboratory - acquire strong technical skills in the fields of modelling or experimentation - analyze, critique and discuss scientific results - mobilize multidisciplinary knowledge - research and analysis of the scientific literature - understand and present the development of scientific projects - use English in a scientific context - use the office automation and computer tools necessary for research - communicate scientific results orally - write a research internship report - be familiar with the laboratory's operating rules

Two courses, "Modelling" and "Experimentation", share a common core of knowledge aimed at providing students with a solid foundation in different fields of cognitive science. The interdisciplinary approach to training involves a variety of courses from the Masters courses in Behavioural Economics, Mathematics/Statistics, Neurosciences, Psychology, Language Sciences. - The "Modelling" track is aimed at students interested in modelling (computer, mathematical) neural and cognitive systems. The objective is to enable students to acquire a high level of competence in the fields of formal modelling of synaptic and neural levels, neural networks, and cognitive models in cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics and behavioural economics. - The "Experimentation" track is intended for students interested in the experimental approach (psychology, psycholinguistics, neurosciences) and/or who do not have the prerequisites in mathematics to follow the "Modelling" course. The objective is to provide students with a solid knowledge of experimental methodology, experimental protocols and analysis of neurophysiological (electrophysiological, EEG, fMRI) or behavioural data (oculometrics, reaction times, decision-making, etc.).

- Faculté des Sciences, Parc Valrose, 06108 Nice Cedex 2. - Faculté des Lettres, Arts et Sciences Humaines, 98 Boulevard Edouard Herriot, 06200 Nice



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