MSc Modeling for Neuronal and Cognitive Systems

About this Master of Science...

Mod4neuCog is a two-year interdisciplinary master's program, which aims to train active researchers at the crossroads of computer science, applied mathematics and cognitive neuroscience.

We encourage students with a background in computer science, mathematics, cognitive science, psychology or neuroscience to apply to our program, where they will learn to model cognitive functions using mathematical and computational tools.

After the program, students are specialized in computational neuro/cognitive science and able to work in fully interdisciplinary settings, with a strong foundation in mathematics. Job opportunities are therefore in academic and public research institutions (through a PhD, or as a research/study engineer), or in the field of R&D for private companies and big tech groups (for example as data scientist, data analyst, biostatistician, AI and deep learning developer, software developer, research project manager…).

Key Information MSc
Key Information MSc

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Mod4NeuCog described by the director of the program, Ingrid Bethus: